Another miraculous blow is when you get a visit from a Master ( Instrument ) , and even more so when from a Master you love and respect like Marcel Duchamp 

He would often use the pseudonyme  " Rrose Sélavy  "  when disguising as a woman , inspired by the famous surrealist poem of Gertrude Stein " A Rose is a Rose is a Rose ..." 

In this dyptique figuring a lingam  ( the egg but also the head of the bird )  in a nest ,   the shape of a plane ( VOL- LOV )  came the following detail out of a banal and random piece of paper whose only quality was to be covered with paint after being used for a splash  . But to my great surprise i discovered a tiny space uncovered  spelling  LEZ  VIA  ... and  got the blow to realize that Marcel Duchamp had paid me a visit 

C'EST LA VIE  ...............