Magic surrealism   occurs when Art takes over from the Artist . This section in particular has to do with the spectacular , the ununderstandable , the revolution ,and seriously address the western concept of reality . To the open mind , will it be a strong experience ,difficult to deny , uncovering one of the back doors  exposing  the mental shortcomings  . Furthermore the mind will be trained in its role of neutral observer as these phenomenoms are quite common occurences in Art , but as well , in , out ,under , above , and around you .You ll relearn to see the sky , the plants , the stones , the animals and the peoples . Many a Master had unbelievable ' when the Art takes over the Artist ' happenings starting with the cave men painters , and they knew it perfectly well  as nothing can escape the one that Lives and Loves his work .But somehow , few related to it , but for some allusions .Dont forget that not so long ago , you would have been sent to the pyre and burned as a witch , or may be condemned as a blasphemist , or more simply checked in an azylum as a crazy and dangerous fellow . Everybody has it in a certain mesure , but somehow recognizing it , increases its power .Children are geniuses of it, but like most people , absolutely ignorant of it . To keep practical , i will open the kitchen and describe the automatic technics with each experience . I do believe in the Revolution , not the one against the establishment  by a future establishment , but the one against our own preconceived ideas and tendencies . The more the experiences , the less the doubts , the more the confidence . WE and it is a surprise ARE  meaningful and beautiful   .Please go to the same section in the gallery .