We know from the dinosaurs time , that growing big is not the solution

    That s why Birds are singing today

    We too discovered during our artistic research , that the real power is not in the individual speaking , but in the universal listening .

    In the same manner  that  the sun shines for all  , the ever going  Creation  abounds for who knows how to connect to this miraculous ( not to be understood )  source

    And the quality of creation in a true work of art is no different  from the creation of  a physical universe

    That s when Art is ever surprising  .  Never boring  .

    That s when art is an experience

    A moment of Truth

    Becoming small  is realizing it ,  experiencing it and working hard at it,

    reaching for your highest potential





V I S P   from the Zz team   Curacao  May  2012       



         ZZ  team 



The Cross of  St Peter  ( Zz team )   ,   as a symbol of humilty and great love  of  disciple - Master .  


Squeezing the inner child out 

a Red carpet for everyone 



St  Peter Stuyvesant   , a monument  to  Free  adventurous fearless Spirit  .