NOT ME . For an entire life , i ve been feeling an outsider , never belonging but observing the outside including me . Jean Paul Sartre said it 50 years ago and the Vedas ,well , 5000 years ago : we are players   "  when le garçon de café gets up in the morning , he starts acting like a garçon de café "  . Some roles are rotten , some others beautiful , but just  roles nevertheless with our names as title , our bodies as costume , and our lives as decorum .Knowing that intituively made my life miserable and teachers and policemen called me arrogant . Nowaday , i m engaged with all my limited strengh to fight the wordly currents and expose the Actor beyond the role .Sartre called it  ' le SALAUD '   probably due to the fact that the Actor behind  all the masks  remains untouched  by  the role s  ordeals , be it  joy or pain  . The most ancient philosophy , Sanathana  Dharma ( eternal wisdom ) calls it   ' TRUTH , BEAUTY , GOODNESS  ' So this game of life after all doesnt have any value in itself and its only reason of  existence is to be played , so that through experiences , we may increase our knowledge of who we are   and  the fairy tales got it right  , be content ever after .

Picture credits : Arjen Stada .